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Amicus Attorney 7:
More Productive, More Flexible, More
Powerful and More Mobile Than Ever Before

By Les Hansen
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Gavel & Gown Software Inc.

Amicus Attorney 7 is the most powerful version of Amicus we have ever developed. The upgraded software has everything that you love about previous versions - easy to use, intuitive and helpful - plus a host of new features and functionality for legal professionals to navigate more quickly, work more efficiently and manage their practice more easily than ever.

For over a decade now, lawyers from around the world have been using our award-winning Amicus Attorney software to manage their practice. During this time, we have remained committed to our original goals of better organizing law firms, increasing productivity and billable time, improving communications and ensuring deadlines are never missed.

It's no wonder that Amicus Attorney is the world's leading practice management software - and it just got even better.

Here are just a few of the numerous new features of Amicus Attorney 7:


* A fantastic new interface - full of enhancements so you can navigate more quickly and efficiently.

* Phenomenal new e-mail management capabilities that actually place your Outlook mailboxes completely inside Amicus.

* Enhancements to the Notes module make taking and reviewing notes even easier.

* A new Favorites module that allows you to save links to any item in Amicus you use often.


* Many new customization capabilities so you can tailor your Amicus to work exactly the way you want it to - including a custom page layout designer, custom records and unlimited custom fields.


* Powerful integration with Microsoft Office allows you to call up information from Amicus - from within an Office document.

* A new Microsoft SQL database - more powerful, stable, flexible and scalable than ever before.


* Now you can login to your Amicus Office from any workstation in your firm.

* Going offline is easier and more effective than ever - you can even "check out" documents and take them with you.

* Connect over the Internet and work from wherever you are - home, a branch office, even an airport lounge.

In short, we're confident Amicus Attorney 7 will take the productivity and profitability of your practice to a new high. Let Amicus Attorney 7 help you Do More, Bill More and Go Home Even Earlier than ever before!

For more information, please call (800) 472-2289 or visit www.amicusattorney.com/texlaw/tle.html.

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